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We help venues unlock their customer's potential and move business forward. Our services for the venues ensure that thier customers feel valued, through incentive programs and rewards that motivate and drive engagement.

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Are we just another loyalty app?

Loyalty apps have been around for a long time now. But, they are short-term, transactional and impersonal, trying to set monotonous rules to define a customer's buying behaviour. Most of the loyalty programmes are pre-defined without taking into consideration the value that each unique customer brings to the business. Mine is answer to all your questions:

Where are my Quality Customers? How do i reach them with a smart marketing budget? How do i build stronger and lasting relationships? How to create value through every transaction?

We call it Human Loyalty

It's about striking a balance between emotional and rational drivers, a proposition that we call Human Loyalty. Those that deliver Human Loyalty will shift their consumers from transactional relationships to emotional engagement, successfully securing the long-term loyalty that many existing loyalty programs are failing to deliver.

So How are we different

We understand the emotions that drive a consumer to be loyal to your brand. It's emotions such as honesty, integrity, and trust that have the greatest influence on loyalty, as opposed to rational considerations.

Loyalty apps in the market

An over-emphasis on rational factors.

Manipulates customers and leave them cold.

One-size-fits-all Model.

Still measures number of visits-duh!

Mine engagement platform

Instant Gratification to build better relationships.

Value based for both the venue and the customer.

Identify & engage with the right people who are valuable to your business.

Smart Data - Measures what really matters

How Emotionally Engaged Customers
Benefit Your Venue?

The biggest challenge isn't about gathering new data, but rather analysing and correlating the data that's already in place. That way you can make smarter decisions that lead to meaningful and lasting customer relationships.

Eliminate Churn Problem

Our engagement platform is designed to drive value creating-behvaiours among your customers.This increases their chances of coming back to your venue.

Increase Basket Size

Emotionally engaged consumers have a significantly higher basket size or transactional value. Spend up to two times or more on brands they are loyal to.

Create Brand Evangelists

Consumers with strong emotional engagement also act as brand evangelists. We found that 8 in 10 consumers with high emotional engagement promote the brand among family and friends.

Digital Hub for Nightlife

Boost operational efficiency by providing an end to end digital solution, functioning as a third hand to serve your customers better.

Redefined Loyalty Programme

Reach loyal customers and Interact directly with them, monitor their buying behaviour through data and reward them strategically to increase basket value.

Network Reach

We focus on building a community with quality customers who are valuable to your business.By partnering with us we would promote your brand to revenue generating traffic.

Customer Analytics

Understand customer's behaviour through our extensive data reports and then use that data to increase foot traffic.

Smart Data

Micro information about user's buying behaviour is often neglected. Our algorithm makes sure that we identify quality customers who are actually engaging with your venue and help you build better relationships with them.

Mine Ecosystem

We are trying to integrate all services into one simple and effective platform which would serve as an hub for all your marketing and business activities.

Mine Magic for Venues

Boost Customer Retention

Customer retention costs 5 times more than acquisition. Our algorithm makes sure that you retain customers who come to your venue and engage with them in real time. Thus increasing your business by 12%.

Generate Social Buzz

Our customer engagement platform makes sure that these customers visit your venue more frequently and bring their friends. Mine users will serve as social influencers for your venue.

Improve Engagement

Optimize loyalty and engagement campaigns to increase the value of these customers. Our algorithm will send automatic notification and surprises so that they get excited about their next visit.


Email us at business@mineapp.co.uk to get access and discuss your business needs.

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